Sunday, December 16, 2012


Hehe shopped(online) quite a lot this few days!!
I really shouldn't stay at home omg X:
Here are all the items I bought: (for me to keep track)
Foil High waist skirt , pink/black

Ombre Tank

Cropped jumper

Cut out panel dress

Cut out shoulder dress

Studded flats

Transparent boots with socks , 7 pairs of shoelaces

Studded shoe

and my items finally arrived after waiting for like 3 months wtf:
hearts sweater with leather

Quite pissed off with the seller cause she reply me super slow and her replies are quite insincere ._.
Been working for quite a lot this few days and I'm taking leave next week(24-31) wheeeeeee :D
but this week also jobless cause I didnt put my working time inside schedule as i initially wanted to clear leave this week hehe.
so I shall use my free time and complete all the homework (hopefully)

But then there is super a lot of homework to be done and i think i am not able to finish it :(
Really hate my laziness during this holiday D:

Oh and I went to watch The Hobbit with Jasmine and Gekkhee last week!
Didnt quite understand the show as I was busy eating in the beginning and didn't realized that the show started >.<
So it was quite boring for me in the middle and I fell asleep for one part omg X:
think I'll watch it again when it comes out on the web :p
plus my phone rang during the movie omg paiseh until want to die :(

Hehe ask me questions ?

heres a quote from facebook:

so lets just concentrate on the happy stuff and ignore the sad stuff bah :D

Okay gtg! Going Northpoint later :D
And cross fingers for tmr (:

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