Saturday, December 8, 2012


Went to Jasmine's flea today! ^^
Business was super bad:(
but nvrm we had fun hehe !!
Did homework in the beginning (not really ) and couldnt concentrate afterwards so i stopped!
then we played some lame games hehe!!

cheered up a lot lot lot today !
was super sad last night that i slept on the floor cause it helped me calm my feelings.
okay now to think of it , it was quite a stupid act cause i got 4 insect bites.
but at least i slept well for the first 4 hours cause i couldnt fall asleep at first.
 went jogging after the flea just now and now my muscles are aching :(
then after that i went home and i need to cook for my bro-.-
i swear i was super irritated cause he literally ordered me to cook when he was at home.
Then the unluckiest thing happened :(
the pot cover flew down from the table and cut my toe, I swear I was super irritated and pissed.
Felt super unapprecitated at that moment because I was super tired and when i reached home , i was expected to cook for him and he just sat there like a boss wtf and I injured my toe boohoo:(
Super pain haish.

but nvrm , looking forward to tomorrow cause I'll be meeting krystal in the morning and meeting wenyi in the afternoon to go sing K.
so long no go le!! hehe shall enjoy myself tmr! ^^

okay I think I will reactivate my facebook soon cause I need to know people's birthday to put inside my calendar for 2013 ^^
here's a photo of me :p
i was bored :3

I havent watch twilight breaking dawn part 2 :(
omg hope it will still be showing when I'm free and got someone to watch with me cause apparently everybody watched it alr >:(

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