Thursday, December 20, 2012


Omg stayed at home this two days again and stupidly shopped again wtf. I think I will go out from tmr onwards. Can't believe I bought 22 items over this two days:(
But online shopping with kelly today was super fun hahaha she bought more than me:p (I maintained and only bought 9 things)
Don't understand why all the shops have sales to entice me BOOHOOHOO:(
Now I kinda wish that my items don't come so quickly because I have no place to hide my 5 new pairs of shoes :/

And what I can't believe is that I bought things of the same designs but different colors just because I can't decide which is better HAISH:(

I think I need some serious counseling.

But then I got good news to share hehehehe! All my items from supré are arriving tmr hehehehe so happy! Can't believe FedEx is so fast! Only 2days to deliver from Au to Sg :D

Did English editing for the whole day and I'm proud to declare that I finished it and left only 4 blanks:D
But I swear I will do more homework tmr if not confirm cannot finish by school reopen :(
And I'm left with:
-eng book reviews
Ok la basically everything except editing and Chen assignment

Oh and I want to go to the countdown party at scape on 31st dec! Like so fun sia! Rmb that last year we ton, a cat chased us near vista park! Guess the best part about that night is that bah hehe.
And (...) Hehe

Can't believe 2012 is going to end alr!
And I can't wait for 2013 to come hehe! Parents chose a unit on Tuesday ! Hope the new flat will be ready by 2016 :D
So happy! Now I'll be able to design my room :D

Kinda sick of my pink room now cause its forever so messy no matter how I clean it:(

Andandand I can't believe that I liked the same person the whole 2012 omg, longest I ever liked cause Aries normally like then don't like alr keke.

I think I will just die of false hopes again.

Let me tell u a bedtime story LOL:
Once upon a time, there was a girl called christine. In her p6 and sec one years, she did a lot of 不好的 things.
But then when she sec 3 right, she became hardworking and actually studied quite a lot hehe. But she still failed her eoy combined humans-.-

Ok end.

I think my attitude changed a lot (for the better) this year compared to my previous years;D idk what changed me but I think I like the change. Used to have a seriously suck dick attitude for things omg. I always wanted things to go my way last time, guess now I'm less demanding(hopefully)
And I became more hardworking this year yay! Hope I continue to be like that next year. Really hope to get good grades for my Chinese o level if not I will be super sad.
Had many ambitions this year and many are quite silly but I guess I'll try them out after my o's next year hehe!

Resolutions for 2013:
-Study hard
-shop and waste money lesser
And some other things uh! Hehe
I think I will be a nerd for the rest of next year! Ah well, nerds are fun cause people cannot disturb u ;p

Okay shall stop my nonsense and post my items for me to keep track again, not int can dont scroll down;p

Bye :3

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