Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Updates !!

Kekee so long never post alr ! guess its because of my o levels chinese.
Anyw this blog post is like an update of what i did so nothing much interesting haha !

27oct , sat 
went bugis with yongting !! ^^ first time going out with her alone ! ^^
hehe found out that actually i dont really like going in crowds cause with lesser ppl i can shop more easily for what i want  ! ^^
haha all the photos will be in collage cause really got a lot :p

with yongting ^^

loots ot the day !

went northpoint to study for my chinese ! good girl 97 :p

worked then went to rushed to nex after that to watch perks of a wall flower! 
went there to meet jasmine and xinmin at starbucks but then couldnt find them when i reached there ;/
but actually they sitting there and keep laughing at me :(
then saw jiaqi and her friend there ! then i told them i couldnt find my friends LOL thmm diulian ! 
the movie was quite er .. idk how to say . but then i didnt really understand the show but all i know is the whole show is kiss kiss lo. But its okay for me not to under stand cause is NC16 and im 15 only ^^ 
so im forgiven hahah
ootd for 29th oct/  ootd for 30th oct ! 

hehe my new schoolbag came in the mail !
then on 31st had choir ^^
spammed a lot of photos . like 100+ LOL

in toilet :p

Funny face !!

ms ong !!

then after that went to checkpoint then norhtpoint !
hehe then cut my hair at toapayoh on 2nd nov! 
thmm short now :P 
Then had o level chinese today ! was super stressed before that but after exams went to sing k with yijie , yiling , zihuan , xiaoyan and rachel !
So fun and we got super high !!
ok end of updates . BYE

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