Sunday, November 18, 2012


Went to bugis after choir with Kelly on 16 nov , fri !
Didn't take any photos during choir cause Mr Wong was not in a good mood and was rather fierce >.<
But choir was still fun! Heheh !
Talked a lot with xiaoyan and Kelly during choir and learnt so much stuff that happened during sec 1 when I was not around yet ! Hehe! Gossips are so fun!
Continued the 'gaining knowledge ' session with Kelly while we were on the train to bugis ! Then at bugis , I was super budget and was really careful on what I buy cause I did not bring out much cash along !
So in the end I spent $30 on clothes and $5.50 on food ! ^^
Bought a bralette , and pastel green pants which I wore out on sat and liked them very much ! And bought a dress also !^^
Hehe okay , next post will be up In a few minutes because I'm blogging via my phone and cannot seperate the photos so I'll blog seperately !

Loots of the day and photos that day ;

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