Friday, October 26, 2012

KTV + work

Heheh as seen from the title u'll know that I'll be blogging bout what I did recently ~
Ytd was the last day of sch ^^
Took photo with me tan ^^ she so cute forever ! Took photo with ms Hesley too but I'll not post it cause I look super awkward in the photo.
Played murderer with the whole class and it was thmm fun cause I got chosen as a murderer once and 'killed' a lot of ppl;p
Then I almost died of laughter when jasmine keep guessing who is it then I cannot say anything hahhaha.
Then after sch went to Marsiling Ktv with jasmine , Doris and jywa cause our movie plan failed :(
Sang for 3h , at first it was quite awkward cause everybody was eating and like only I sing😅
Then after a while everybody high alr ;p
Then after singing , planned to go waterfront but didn't eventually .
Then woke up thmm late today and watched Pokémon . Got one part super sad omg
Then after that went to work . Worked at the ice cream section and after like 1hr I felt super dizzy and my vision was super blurred :( i think it was because the machines were very hot :( then I could feel my blood rushing to my face cause it was super hot . Then I took a break , then I continued working and took another break . After that I really cannot tahan alr , really felt like vomiting sia ! Thmm xinku and stupid cause I just recovered from flu. I think being sick sucks :( but at least everybody there was thmm caring and I very gan dong by one girl but I forgot her name :/
Plus I have work tmr and it'll be thmm awkward cause its 'her' first day of work ;/ hope we won't quarrel there if not really thmm diulian .


Photos ;

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