Wednesday, November 7, 2012


okay I'm posting this post today because a lot of people have been commenting on the number of earholes i have .
reactions i usually get : 
'you pierce so many not pain meh ?'
'why you wann so many ?'
'walao scary sia ! '
'walao ah lian sia ! '

haha to be honest i get quite annoyed sometimes .
especially during work when all the aunties comment the same thing . and idk why they like to ask me back the same questions the next day when im wearing the same earrings with no increase of earholes.

and as for the first reaction . Of course pain la ! which piercing not pain sia ? 
second : I pierce so many cause i like .
third : dont look hahaha
forth : piercings doesnt mean ah lian , if a police hold a gun , does it mean that he killed somebody ?
no right , so i guess piercings does not mean ah lian.

and I find it ironic that when people say that having so many earholes are scary , they create the illusion of having earholes by wearing earcuffs and magnetic earrings.

earcuffs .
like whats the difference between real earholes and wearing earcuffs/magnetic earrings huh ?
well though i must agree that having too much piercings is quite unglamourous sometimes but as long as we don't go overboard its fine right ! :D

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