Thursday, November 15, 2012

Macaroons ^^

Hehe tried to bake macaroons last week as I really liked the taste and the look of it !
didnt bought coloring so i used chocolate powder and tried to make chocolate flavoured macaroons .
I read online that macaroons fail easily and in the beginning I was like super disbelieving of the 'myth' .
afterall , its just a circular biscuit , whats so difficult about it ? :D
But after i tried baking it , I totally changed my mindset !
its super easy to fail and troublesome to make !

First i searched a lot of supermarkets for the almond powder , luckily i got it in the end , then the rest of the ingredients are quite easy to find actually !

Then on saturday , i was really bored so I baked my macaroons earlier than when i planned to .
I was so excited that I forgot to sieve the almond and the sugar and went to beat the eggs first !
Then after beating , i rushed like siao to sieve the powder and was so thmm thankful with my mum helping me X:
then after all the mixing , i put the mixture into a piping bag !
After that i realised that i forgot to line the baking tray with parchment paper so i chiong-ed again :(
then i squeezed the mixture onto the parchment paper .
the mixture was super watery then everything just ended up weirdly shaped.
hehe this i what i got in the end:

okay this is just an image koped from google !

If i baked such nice macaroons i will cry due to being over 感动  LOL

had to seperate the macaroons into 5 batches cause there was too much mixture and too little space on the trays D:
and my masterpiece :

failed -_-
the first batch was totally horible and everything cracked 
super disappointing and wanted to give up completely at that moment.
Then i went online and found out the reason why .
I refered to many different recipes for this time round then some said to bake in the middle of the oven while some say to bake at the bottom/top of the oven and never in the middle.
then i thought that the reason i failed was because i baked them in the middle of the oven.
I got motivated to do better in my next batch :

super weirdly shaped !!
they were super ugly in the shape but at least they didnt crack !!
I was like super happy !
then when they cooled , i couldnt remove them from the parchment paper and that put an end to my hapiness !!  :/
So ofc i went to try out other methods .
this time , i put the oven at 175'C (usual 150)
then i set the timer to 10 mins .
But then before the timer even reached i smell something burning so i rushed to the oven to discover this :

chaoda macaroons :(
I was like so angry and upset !
but i was only left with one batch or two so i tried again .
luckily this time they were fine and in an acceptable shape range:

super proud of my (still failed) masterpiece 
But although they look good , they were still proven to be undetachable from the parchment paper.
so i waited for about an hour and forced them out of the paper  .
there were still some tiny tiny pieces of paper stuck on the macaroons but i didnt care and put nutella on them . HAHA afterall who'll realize ? :P

Macaroons :D
so i only baked 5 macaroons after about 4 hours D:
okay la actually only 4 and half
look in the picture carefully then you'll realize one doesnt have cream cause one half of it is full of paper LOL.

then as for the taste ,

they tasted like some normal chocolate cookies which is overly sweet :/ 
but the 安慰 for me is that they have a crisp outside and a gooey taste inside , which resembles a real macaroon !

okay now shall blog about something else.

received a sample of essential shampoo and conditioner last month !
then i tried using it !
It was unexpectedly good so I want to share with everybody here :D
my hair was in a super shitty condition during the last school term cause i had to comb it for around 10 mins everyday before school and there were still a lot of tangles.
Then there is this little tangle that i was so lazy to comb everyday...

then like after one week , it became a matt :( yes a matt like those on dog's fur !

then i totally gave up on combing it lor.

then one night i showed my mum my hair condition and she spent about 30 minutes for two night trying to help me remove it omg.
then after i removed the matt and used the shampoo , my condition improved and i dunnid to comb so much in the morning alr :D

so i finally got the shampoo today heheh !!! happy girl now ^^

went to hortpark with the class on monday !! there were so many butterflies omg .
was quite freaked out as first LOL
here's a photo of one 
took some polaroids too^^

went to watch ah boys to men today !
took a polaroid with xinmin  . (the pic is above )
wanted to take with jasmine also but somehow the pic dont have her when it shows D:
so we planned to take after the movie but totally forgot afterwards cause i had to rush to amk !
here's my ootd : 

hehe just created formspring so ask me questions ? :D

 okay super long post . Bye !

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