Sunday, November 18, 2012

Scape flea

Had my second flea at SCAPE level 4 on17 nov, Saturday .
Reached there super early because i was supposed to take train at first but in the end my father decided to fetch me and my friends there . (:
So I reached there earlier than expected hehehehe! Learnt my lesson from the first flea because I reached super late then and did not get a good location , so I became a kiasu auntie this time !
Had my first customer like right after I set up and I super happy cause during the first flea, I waited 1hour plus before I had my first customer !
Then around 1 plus , a lot of ppl started queuing and waiting for oms' flea to start . I swear I super jealous at that moment LOL.
Then all the stalls no business because everybody was busy queuing for oms' flea. Then other ppl started to slash their price to attract customers which is like wtf because the 'actual' flea hasn't even started . Super spoil market price omg !
But their crowd soon subsided because they ran out of stocks and we started to have ppl shopping for our stuff YAY.
So partly must thank them for the crowd 😏. Hehe sold out all my old clothes except 3. Super happy cause now my wardrobe has more space then I can buy more stuff ! BUT I will not spend money anyhow now ! Cause money very 难衚 !
And like the clothes we buy super exp, go to the flea it's like not even worth peanuts :(
One of the worst customer I had was when she asked me for the price of my shoes and when I said $3, her face had the expression like its the shock-iest price of her life and she bargained for $2 , then when I say cannot she just went away like ... wtf !
But then I had nice customers too ^^
And must really thank all my friends who came down specially to support ; Jiajun (she selling things too ) , Yongting, Taffy , Jasmine , Gekkhee , Wenyi , Rachel and Sandra ! <33333
Was quite surprised when Sandra came cause I only mentioned it to her a few times and didn't expect her to come ! Very thoughtful of everyone and I'm super touched hahah <3
Had KFC with Jiajun and Sandra after the flea and I swear I will stop eating it as I ate it dk how many times this week already and I'm growing fatter ^(-<••>-)^

Anyw don't think I will have another flea again in future (including those block fleas ) as I cleared all my old clothes , and as for my blogshop stocks , I'll be having sales for them on Instagram and Facebook ! Do keep a lookout ! Now selling envelope clutch at $10 each(U.P;$15)! Left with black color only !^^
Do follow my blogshop Instagram @flyingghelicopters and my personal one @greyhelicopters !!

Super regret wearing the bralette and pastel green pants during the flea as I did not wash them after buying on fri and during the evening my back became super itchy and I couldn't scratch it cause my hands are not long enough and it's super unglam to scratch your back in public (?) oh and the bralette was quite long and reached my belly button and made till my belly piercing bleed :/
Hehe here are the photos I took that day ^^ :

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