Friday, May 15, 2015

Domino's; Happiness Is Sharing

"Because sharing is caring"

Attended Domino's sharethelove pizza party about two weeks ago!

Not only does Domino's have pizzas, they also have mouthwatering drumlets and delicious lava cakes!
Furthermore, Domino's attractive promotion is all the more why you should try them out!

With the ‘2 Pizzas’ deal, you can order 2 regular pizzas for only $22,  2 Large at $33 and 2 Xtra Large pizzas at $44.

I'm sure all these customized cola cans photos have been appearing on your social network feed often recently!

Hence, along with this new campaign, Domino's have collaborated with Coca Cola to come out with an exclusive promotion to go along with Domino's '2 Pizzas' Deal!!

For an additional $2, you get to enjoy a 1.5L bottle of Coca-Cola. Best of all, Domino's provides free pizza delivery!!

There was a small game before dinner time and we were all given a piece of paper to draw a "Share a Pizza with _____ " photo. 
Tricia, Vivian, Kaiting, Crane and I decided to share the pizza among ourselves and hence, we cut the paper given to us into several pieces and drew different flavours for each 'slice'

And guess who won the first prize!!!

Can't wait for our pizza party already:DD
And finally, it was time for the pizzas!
Sharing pizzas with my loved ones <3
One big family:D

To add on to the wonderful deal as mentioned above, Domino's also has an "express lunch deal"
Customers can now enjoy a personal pizza and a soft drink at only $5.50!!  How wonderful is that!

Best of all, Domino's offers 30 minute delivery/ 15 minutes takeout guarantee, quality pizzas at nett pricing along with free delivery!!!

Remember to share the love for pizza with your loved ones too! 

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