Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hair Free Day with Pink Palour!

For girls, everyday is beauty day!!
We spend a long time daily deciding what to wear, how to put our makeup as well as our hairdo!

And we often feel troubled because some parts of our body simply must grow hair :<

I cannot stand the sight of hair at my underarms or brazillian area so I shave almost everyday.

Good news is, tomorrow is hair free day at Pink Parlour!

Pink Parlour’s Hair-Free Day offers Brazilian, Bikini, Half-Leg and Underarm waxing for only $10 per session. 

No booking of appointment is needed!! Just visit:
One @ Kentridge NUH on 29 May 2015 
From 11:15am - 9:00pm!

"PINK PARLOUR was the first in Southeast Asia to introduce strict waxing guidelines with “no double dipping rule” and ”no reusing of spatulas” since early 2006, setting optimum hygiene and sanitation standards in the grooming world. This practice eliminates any possible contamination in the wax pots. Waxes are heated to its maximum temperature at least once a day eliminating any possibility of residual bacteria."

To be honest, I've not waxed my legs before and I'm really excited to see what Pink Palour can offer!

After seeing all the positive reviews about Pink Palour, I believe I'll be in safe hands!

For a chance to win Pink Parlour beauty lootbag worth $50, please hit the ‘Like’ button on their Facebook page or ‘Follow’ @pinkparloursg on Instagram. 

For more info about the Pink ParlourSingapore, please visit 

Lets have a hair free friday together!! (I'll be going from 10.30 to about 12noon! )

29 May 2015
One @ Kentridge NUH 
From 11:15am - 9:00pm!

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