Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We Are the Furballs Dog Cafe

To be honest, I've drafted more than a couple of draft blogposts but I always don't want to post them after I blog.. So, my blog rarely have personal posts..
I've blogged a couple of entries of reviews and advertorials and I decided that I should not flood my blog with them anymore! 

After CNOS Challenge 2, (might blog more about this in future),  Gerald brought Vivian and I to We are The Furballs Dog Cafe! 

I've seen some of my friends post photos of the dog cafe before and I always wanted to go but it was too far for me so I never made the effort to go down! 

So, thankfully for Gerald, I had the chance to visit the place! 

Natural Dog Whisperer! 
Pictures of the dogs pasted on the walls
There were a total of 9 dogs in the cafe even though there were only 7 photos on the walls as there were two newer dogs and the wall have not been updated yet!
Mochi & Lola! 

Collage of the dog photos I've taken! 
I really enjoyed my time there and I think its a good place for us to de-stress!
It was a really different experience from our typical cafe trips and definitely a must go for dog lovers:)

I might be looking too happy
Playing dead
Most of the dogs are trained to do tricks like playing dead, high five etc! Remember to get some treats for them :)
Playing the 'stay still' game 

I think I've not smiled as brightly for any photos like that LOL

Dog whisperer acting again! :p 5 out of 9 dogs around him
I think I might have been too excited and taken a little too many photos that are the same so I decided to make a few collages!
Forced selfie :')
So happy that Vivian overcame her fear for dogs!! 
Heyy whatcha looking at

Really can't wait to go there again because I've always wanted a dog but I don't have permission nor ability to keep one! 

Do check out their Facebook:

Just in case you're wondering, this is not a sponsored or paid trip and I'm just recommending this place because I really enjoyed myself there! 

Just checked their Facebook and realised that they're moving to near Bugis area soon and I'm really excited because it means I can visit the cafe more often as it will be more accessible compared to at East Coast Road!!

This part might be more personal so if you prefer reading recommendations instead of thoughts you can always scroll away!

Been really stressed up in school recently and I can't wait for these two weeks to pass and I'll have my holidays back! To be honest, i feel quite disappointed in myself because I've not been putting in as much effort into my school work recently. I've been falling asleep in most classes because I simply cannot help it. I feel that I might have been taking up too much activities leaving no time for myself but I cannot 全身而退 and partly because I don't want to give up any commitments. Am I too greedy to want to be in everything? And also, I'm losing sight of who are my real friends and who are not already. Yes, we might appear close. But it really upsets me whenever I see my best friend scolding me online. Yes, I might not say anything but I got so upset that I even cried in the washroom.. Nope, I'm not trying to blame anyone now or what but I feel that maybe online thoughts might have been your real thoughts about me and I feel really sad because I can't seem to do anything to make things better. But I really hope things will get better soon and I sincerely hope that our friendship will only get stronger but not let anything else affect it.

Still trying hard<3 

till next time xx

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