Friday, May 8, 2015

Eagle Beauty: 6D Eyebrow Embriodery

I've not left house without drawing my brows ever since about a year ago. Eyebrows are so important to one's facial features as they are responsible for our face's emotions. 

If we do not have eyebrows, we will just look like we are sick/tired etc.

I remember once I did not draw my eyebrows in school and my lecturer thought I was not feeling well HAHAHA.

Here's a comparison photo:

If you cover the right part of my face, the only word to describe my face is "tired".
And if the left side is covered, I look much awake even though I'm wearing the same makeup.

I was excited when I was approached to try out the world's first 6D eyebrow embroidery by Eagle Beauty!

I guess everybody would be excited since eagle beauty offers: 

comfortable and painless procedure

- A unique experience which is not available anywhere else in Singapore

100% natural-looking eyebrows

competitively pricing

And lastly, no need to draw your brows for at least six months!! 

To be honest, before I did research on Eagle Beauty, I was skeptical about the results because I've seen some of the older generation tattoo their brows and end up having green brows...

However, I felt reassured after seeing that Eagle Beauty has more than 30 years of field experience and 80k views on their YouTube.


So, here I am, at Chinatown Point, one of their three outlets, to try out 6D embroidery.

1. Trimming my eyebrows
2. Tweezing out any stray hairs
3. Drawing on eyebrow designs for me to compare
The consultant first drew on a rather arched design on my right eyebrow according to my face features as she felt that it would 'lift' my face features and is more suitable for my face shape. 

However, I was more comfortable with straight looking brows so I told her what I wanted instead.

*note: please do not be afraid to speak up and say what you want because it is going to be on your face for at least 6 months to a year.

She then drew on a design that I prefer much more on my left eyebrow for me to compare. 

 After comparing between the two brows, I confirmed on wanting the left eyebrow design so she changed the right one to match it. 

Afterwards, she showed them to me and patiently made a few other changes as I still feel that I wanted some changes.

Finally, I was pleased with my eyebrow design and she proceeded on with the process!
4. Applying numbing cream
5. 6D Eyebrow embroidery! 
I did not felt any pain while the strokes were introduced to my skin as the numbing cream worked well.

The consultant asked me several times during the process about how I felt during the process and I told her it was not painful but I was still kinda nervous because the sound of the stroking process was quite scary to me. 

Hence, she made the stroking process slower and I felt much better afterwards:)

Apply moisturizing oil to my brows and I'm done!!

6. Beautifully groomed and defined brows!

Here's the before:

And the after in less than an hour of my time!

More close ups of the before:

And close ups of the after:

I was give a bottle of aloe vera gel to apply thrice everyday and I didn't like the gel as it hurts my eyebrows badly for the first two days as they're still healing. 

Thankfully, the pain didn't come about after the third day.

Overall, I would give Eagle Beauty a rating of 8/10.

The main reason why the two points were lost were mainly due to the aloe vera gel. However, it was labelled to be specially for "eyebrow and lip tattoos" so I don't know if the pain was normal or not:(

The recovery process took about 4-5 days before the skin started peeling and allowed my brows to look more natural so I would suggest for you all to do this procedure about a week before any important dates:)

For now, I have no need to draw my brows whenever I go out and my preparation time is shortened by a lot and I'm super thankful towards Eagle Beauty for that!:) 

Branch Locations and operating hours:

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Thanks for reading and do leave any feedback if you have tried out eyebrow embroidery as well:)


  1. Hi Christine, may I know the name of the therapist who did your eyebrows for you?

    1. Hi Gina,
      I'm not sure of the therapist's name. But when I went to do my retouch and show them the photo, they seem to call her '老师'. Maybe you can show them the photo and they will know what's her name!

  2. Hi Christine ,
    I just done mine on last Tuesday. Now it is peeling n patch by patch. May I know how u manage it last time? Now I dun dare to go out .