Thursday, June 5, 2014

USS trip

Exams are finally over!! Gonna blog about my USS trip which happened about three weeks earlier..
This is probably my third post talking about USS trips but the place is so pretty I can't help it *.*
Guess it might be one of the last times I go USS(for now) cause my pass expired:(

Mandatory globe shot though all you can see is mostly me ( muahahhaha)
Outside the mummy ride area!

Romper from allescere~

It was a public holiday but the queues for the ride was rather short! (Compared to usual). We got to play more rides than we ever did! Rode on the 'treasure hunter car ride' and I have no idea why the queues are always so long. The sun was scorching hot and the ride was so boring.  I guess people only took the ride for '情趣' but I don't have any of that LOL.

Really had a great time that day! Both of us were so tired that we fell asleep on the train back home.

 Finally, one term of poly is over! Time passed so quickly omg. It's like I'm still in the 'I just started school' mood. No idea how I did for my tests cause the teacher mentioned that about half the class failed ochem paper-which was one of our more confident papers.. So I really don't dare to imagine what my result would be like for the others. 
But what's more important now is HOLIDAY!!

Never felt so glad for holidays before cause I'm feeling so drained. Heading to Malaysia tomorrow and I can't wait!!!

Thanks for reading and I'll blog about my zoo trip tmr!^^

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