Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Ended my sleepover session at jasmine house with a 10 laps swim and cookie baking session then I went to meet Krystal yesterday! We went to bugis street as I wanted to exchange two pieces of clothing as I was given one wrong and another defected item. 

My outfit of the day:
Dress: from bugis street

Spent quite a lot this time cause I wasn't in my best mood and needed a splurging therapy. 

Some candid shots before I took a proper one. The lighting was very good so no filter was needed yay!

True friend who listens to all my crap<3

Really like wearing dresses cause I don't need to match it with anything else. Plus this dress has such nice prints I think I'm going to wear it quite often!

Sorry I was trying to step lian:')

Half the year is already gone and I haven't achieved much this year. The only thing I achieved is probably weight. I'm gaining weight at a rate that could probably win the world Guinness record so from today onwards I will control my diet and not binge eat anymore:') (+ hope I get abs before the end of this year)

I wish I still go to the gym but I lost all my motivation ever since I lost my phone there sigh


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