Thursday, May 22, 2014


Holidays are coming in about two weeks and I can't wait for them because I haven't had a free day for myself since March and I'm really tired of being tired.
Today's post will just be some updates of some outings.
Headed to scape a few weeks ago and here's my outfit. 
cross top: birthday gift from Jasmine 
Floral pants: Miyoc

Really love floral pants because they are so easy to match <3

Attended a wedding lunch at Capella, sentosa too! 
With the beautiful bride.

Exams are coming up and I'm not prepared at all. I feel that I'm lagging so behind in my studies. I thought I could handle work, Cca(not really cause mine haven't start) and school previously as many said that poly was easier. But I swear it is not. There are just so many presentations and projects to do. I know that I should give up working but it's really not the time to quit now because they are really short of staff. 
But I don't think I can hold it much longer. I thought being busy would train me to be "stronger"  but I think I'd overestimated myself so I'll probably give up working the next term after the peak seasons.

It's about a month since school started. I feel that I've changed. And by changing I mean personality. I feel braver and more enthusiastic to participate in activities (something I detested previously). 
I also feel more approachable and friendly ha ha. And I definitely feel more hardworking in my studies *inserts angel face emojis* No idea if these are good or bad but I guess changes are just part of life.
And guess what, I even went for projectsuperstar's audition. But I failed cause forgot lyrics LOLOL. 
Outfit that day-
Top and pants: MIYOC ( )
Still can't stop emphasizing my love for floral pants. Got it from miyoc's warehouse sales and I've worn it about two-three times alr:0
 can't wait for the next time to shop at miyoc because I need more of these<3

Here's a photo with Jiexi cause it's here birthday yesterday!:)
With my class <3

That's about it for this post! Hopefully I can update more in future:)
Thanks for popping by!

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