Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stripes and checks

After I dyed my hair, I grew more in love with style nanda's type of fashion. Really like how koreans dress themselves because the prints on their outfits are so loud and striking. I guess it is also cause I bought a few taiwanese magazines and I felt that their style (taiwan and koreans) are actually quite similar. So I decided to dress myself a little differently recently. 

Top and Bottom: both from Bugis street


Really glad to say that I used zero edits or filter for the few photos above cause the lighting was really good!

Apart from stripes, I realised that checks are also quite trendy in korean fashion. I wouldn't call myself a basic kind of person so I do not have many basics or tee shirts in my wardrobe. But somehow I just love the simplicity look when tees are matched with high waists and a striking outerwear.

I'm falling in love with dressing up like this I think this might just be my style.

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