Thursday, June 5, 2014


Headed to the zoo two weeks ago! 
I remember waking up feeling super grumpy that morning cause I overslept and did not have time to do my makeup. Plus my family kept rushing me lol.
Group shot:
Reached there at about 8am and the weather was great!!

My legs look kinda long hahaha.

Family shot:
Got a selfie with an elephant heh. But I guess the weirdest selfie I've ever taken was with the grasshopper(during Ubin trip)
Outfit details:
Bought this romper from hollyhoque! The color was really pretty and I've already worn it twice since I got it! Plus, it was on sale when I purchased it so my love for it is like 101%
Awkward smile with the white tiger.
Somehow I wasn't very interested in the animals during this zoo trip. I even felt super sad during the seal's animal show. No idea why but I feel that it's really saddening to see the seal perform so hard just to get food. And it's just for human's entertainment?!!? 

Trying hard to be artistic by taking a silhouette shot:

Giant lotuses:
We found an iPad mini at this area and returned it to the zoo's ticketing area. Really hoped the owner got it back cause it really sucks to lose your devices :(
This photo is really different from the other photos cause it's taken with Leon's DSLR( I added filters too). Really love the aperture settings of the camera<33

I guess I wouldn't say I will wanna visit the zoo again for animals. But I definitely liked its environment cause it made me felt so relaxed throughout the whole trip! 

Ending off this post with a photo of my true friends :DDD
They stayed with me last Friday from 12-5 to do revision and waited till 8 plus for my workshop to end! I guess such real friendships are rare so I feel really blessed:)

Thanks for reading!!

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