Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Short getaway

Went back to Malaysia this weekend!
Was really looking forward to this trip this time round cause I was really exhausted from everything. I really wanted a break and not care about the list of things I need to do while I was back in sg.

Reached malaysia, bahau at about 12am on Friday night//sat morning. 

Headed to the streets to explore a bit the next day. My mum wanted to cut her hair so we went into a salon. I had this sudden urge of dying my hair in there so I went ahead since it was 250RM(about 100sgd). I chose this ash brown color to dye as it was the lightest my hair can go without bleaching. 
It ended up like this( under sunlight). Can't really say I loved it that much cause I wanted a more ash/grey color. Think I shall dye grey the next time.

Grey hair just reminded me of another story..: People think I'm old lolol. There were several people commenting that my mum looked like my sister initially. I thought they were just being polite to my mum until somebody thought I was my grandmother's daughter. Means I look like I'm one generation older wtf LOL.

I swear I'm only 17 lor.

Haha does this photo have the "insert deep quote about dream chasing" feel?

As for my last night there, my family went out to watch the basketball finals between mahsan (the place we live in) and some other place. It was super exciting and I kept wanting to shout LOL. The team was losing for the first round. They only got 6 VS 17 or something. But at the end of the second round they won the other team by 1 mark. ( 25VS24)

I liked the group(mahsan, light blue) a lot as they have a strategy. They always form a trapezium without fail and will pass the ball to their teammates. But they dribble the ball quite slowly and made me so pekchek:( 

As for the other team(dark blue), they were very strong and they ran very fast. But sian cannot support them if not unloyal alr. But they have this number 15 who is super handsome HAHAH. Wish I've worn clearer contacts that day :')

The team I was supporting ended up losing with a score of 48VS72. I realized that I really love watching basketball matches so if any of u know of any live shows please tell me. It reminded me of my primary school times where I played in the school team. :') but I haven't played in such a long time I doubt I can shoot anymore.

Really can't wait for my next travel trip hehe.

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