Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vienna international buffet

Went for buffet just now at Vienna international buffet @ united square with family! 
Ate like a pig and everybody said I ate the most and called me 大胃王冠军 :$
HAHA can't help it, the food was very nice! 
Shall post photos of some food I ate:
 First dish: Buddha jump over the wall soup, love the herbal smell hehe
Then, I had pepper crabs, cereal prawns and ham!
Love the pepper crabs but there were not much meat inside :(

Third round I took roasted duck, unagi,  salmon, durian puff and abalone salad.
Didn't really like the durian puff as the filling was rather weird:/ also didn't like the unagi as it really had a fishy taste.
But the abalone and salmon tasted very nice hehe :P

Cream of corn anyone? 
Then there was this bird's nest egg tart which I disliked a lot although my bro and aunts said that its super nice >.< 

Mango ham, lobster salad, yogurt jelly and prawns! <3
Have no idea what's this but I guess it's prawn salad?

Grilled salmon and chicken. The black pepper sauce on the chicken is super heavenly and I'm craving for it again now :D
Healthy lifestyle ruined by fondue marshmallows :B

Tube juices! First time drinking these:)
Had two glasses of red wine cause they tasted really very nice and not as bitter as those my family drink! 
Salad so that I can be healthy :D
These were supposed to be my last but I couldn't resist so....
Strawberry mint ice cream!

Are you hungry now? :P

Took a selfie before eating!
Another one holding my trophy for eating the most :$

Ootd was an assymmetrical dress and denim vest!
The dress was from Zihuan,Yiling,Yijie and Winnie for my birthday! :)

Tried baking macarons this afternoon again but this time round everything failed and I threw all away sigh!!!!!! Shouldn't have acted smart and not followed the recipe:/

Okay, shall go bath and sleep now cause there's work tmr from 8-12 :(

(I really like gatherings~)

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