Friday, May 10, 2013

Clothes buffet

so I went to a clothes buffet by HollyHoque at Expo earlier today!
OOTD taken at NEX by jasmine :D

My eyes looked super small so here's another photo with shades 8-) 

 Many thanks to Jasmine who always help me take photos  :D
At Expo , I Bought the small bag for $55 and down there, whatever you can put in the bag becomes yours!
I chose my clothings for quite long even though we were only entitled to 20 minutes! 
I left the place thinking that I had only 5 pieces of clothing.. :( but after I left , I realized that there were 6 inside my bag yay!
The clothes I chose were of very good quality and some were quite thick so I couldn't put anymore inside even though the bag was proven to fit up to 10 pieces.
Wanted another stripes dress but nvrm, fate says I can't have it.
okay, so here are all the photos of the clothes I got!

The wonderful bag HAHA

Leather white blazer
This was like the first thing I chose cause I fell in love with the texture and it is super smart looking hehe.
Do I look like a business woman? *FLIPS HAIR*
Lace dress
Second piece I chose was this lace dress, which is super versatile cause you can wear it over almost everything. I was too lazy so I wore it over my rhomper. 
Talking about the rhomper, it was from HollyHoque. It was also included in the buffet and one woman beside me took it up and then stare at me LOL.
Knitted stripes top
Third piece I got was this Knited stripes top which I wore over my rhomper too cause it is partially translucent. I know it doesn't look that nice in the photo but its better irl as the back was longer than the front (assymetrical)

Floral zip tank
Got this floral zip tank also! Love how their clothings have sizes and I can get one which fits me best :D

Assymetrical dress 
And here's my favourite out of everything! The dress makes me feel like a princess LOL.
However, it took up most of the space in the bag cause of the frills :/

Faux denim top
And lastly, I got this faux denim top which has a knot at the back! Love the two large pockets at the sides!
Anyw, the scallop petal shorts I'm wearing is from taffy from bugis for my birthday :)

So, after all the auntie shopping done by me, Jasmine and I went to Tampines and took 965 home! Talked quite a bit on the bus about what our previous whatsapp statuses meant and other rubbish HAHA!

When I reached causeway, I decided to buy KFC to pamper myself :P

I didn't really like the double down max burger as it was quite bland and didn't really have any fragrance, plus the cheese fries was soggy with the cheese being dried up sigh.
Maybe I should have dined in instead zzz.

Haha , I swear I will go for a jog tomorrow to burn off all the calories I've taken in today!
Shall treat it as a form of training as I've signed up for the 10km race against cancer :)

Do join the race too :D

BYEEEEEEE, thanks for reading this space! ^^

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