Saturday, May 18, 2013


Tried baking macarons for the second time last Saturday as I got very inspired to do so after watching a macaron video!
This time I was rather successful compared to my previous attempt :$ )
Madly blinged and beautified..

Started off by sifting the flour(almond and sugar) which took one billion years as the almond flour was rather thick and I couldn't sift it through :/
Then I cracked the eggs- let me share a wonderful achievement of my life here: I separated the egg whites and yolk without using any tools HAHAH PRO???
Then I mixed everything and tadaa!

Shiny macarons looking quite pretty BEFORE putting them into the ovens.

After removing from the oven, all the almond colour start showing up then it became slightly brown:(
Plus all the cracking just decided to ruin everything >:@

Then I decided to cheat a little by putting the cracked ones at the bottom and the acceptable looking ones at the top after putting Nutella!

And yay! Half cracked macarons :B

I think I will make them again this weekend! And hopefully they will look better:)
Went to flag day for epilepsy centre the following day!

Hi would you like to make a donation?^^

Went to orchard for the thing with jasmine until about 12 plus. Finished about four pages of flags:> 
After that, we went to SPCA with Jiajia!! :DDDD

Ida says hiiii<3

Then I went into a cage with three puppies! Was the first to enter and this cutie below started to tug at my shoelace and eventually undid it successfully!
After jasmine came in, it changed target and ignored me:<
Then Jiajia went in and laughed at both of us, but she got her revenge after that cause the puppy went to pull hers and wouldn't let go and she couldn't come out of the cage HAHHAAH.

^Another puppy inside the cage! My favorite of the day! 

Photo of another sweetheart who was sleepy all the time we were there..
Still tired *whats happening*

Then I went into another cage and this was another one that I really liked cause it allowed me to stroke it without threatening to bite me or jump at me suddenly :)
Really hope I can adopt a dog but I think it's impossible sigh:(
Okay, shall end this update with a picture of one of the sleepy cats there!


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