Friday, May 17, 2013


Hope you all are not hungry cause I'm doing a super backdated food post!
Went to beisheng seafood (?) at Chong pang to have dinner last last Sunday!

Self shot before eating:B

Well, hope you all are not hungry while reading this:P
Pineapple fried rice!
Veggies in oyster sauce
Cereal prawns- best out of everything!!

idk what is this :X
Tom yum soup
Black pepper crabs
Steamed fish

Hope I have not made you all hungry but the food looks too nice not to blog!! :D

have been increasing in fats recently and I have no idea how to slim down T-T
I have lost my motivation to go jogging already as mass run is already over. Had a timing of 11:51mins. I was a little disappointed with myself as I stopped two times during the run and I think I could have gotten a better timing if I didn't stop sigh.

Okay shall stop my forever ongoing complaints!

Just downloaded a lot of songs and this is one song that I like!

每一個晚上 在夢的曠野 我是驕傲的巨人
每一個早晨 在浴室鏡子前 卻發現自己活在剃刀邊緣
在鋼筋水泥的叢林裡 在呼來喚去的生涯裡

我很醜 可是我很溫柔
外表冷漠 內心狂熱 那就是我
我很醜 可是我有音樂和啤酒
一點卑微 一點懦弱 可是從不退縮
Lyrics from:  ※ 魔鏡歌詞網 

Haha I know it's a very old song but the tune is super catchy!

Okay, shall stop here now and sleep as there's R3 later!

難到注定愛上你 最后傷的是自己"

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