Saturday, May 18, 2013

R3 day!

Had R3 day yesterday!^^
Was assigned to block 657 to collect the newspapers. Talked a lot with Zihuan otw there!
How can we talk without taking pictures :P

Started collecting the newspapers at about 9 plus! My group was taking the same block as zihuan's group so we took the bottom half of the block, finished in about 20-30 minutes as there were no newspapers:( according to the residents, an old lady came the day before and got all the newspapers!
With Weigen and Ruixiang!

With jasmineeee<33333
So after we finished, we went back to the collection centre and helped (a little) with the newspaper tying~
Started taking pictures with everybody and I think the teachers judged me like crazy HAHAH.
With Peggy!
With the teachers, sorry for my rooster hair >.<
Hehe they went along with my group ^^
Group photo!
All decided to act cute HAHA
With Angeline 
With Annabelle!
With shixin
Then we decided to go the the nearby open space(?) to take photos while waiting for the truck to come.

Cause we can kiao ka;P
*continue posing* Zihuan and I blocked shixin in the photo above HAHA:B

4/6 class photo!!(credits:fb) can you see three serious faces? 

Poker face:D cr:fb

Thanks for reading this short update:B
Will continue to update on Monday :)

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