Friday, February 8, 2013

Jurong Bird Pard

YAY went to Jurong Bird Park on Thurs with the class for learning journey!!
So we reached there at about 10 plus and starting spamming photos (warning: post with a lot of photos)

Photo taken on bus!
The girls:D
this(above) was taken while we were waiting for the guide to buy tickets!
Then me and Jasmine wanted to throw rubbish and we were supervised by the teacher omg >.<
Pretty Flamingos <3

Super majestic bird .
made the photos into collages if not this post will be never ending:P

With shixin, annabelle and weigen ! :D

Ruixiang, huining , zihuan and shixin (:

Annabelle, peggy and nicholas!

Then we went for the bird show! Was engrossed in the show so I only took photos during the finale! 
After all, we must 带眼睛出门 and not 带相机出门 :P
During the bird show !

Somehow this photo makes me feel like a professional photographer:D

This one too. (Jurong Falls)
While waiting for the tram ride!
still waiting! had a serious center parting:O
On the tram :D

Peggy wants to kiss me <33333

Just my eye only and look at peggy pls :P
Then after the tram ride, the journey was quite finished and we went to take more photos!

Look at the models on top posing :P

with xuesi, eva, jasmine and shixin ! :D

ChenHui, Huining, Alicia and LiRui ! 

U see a heart shape? :D
4/6 FTW

Polaroid with 4/6 !
Sat at the back of the bus otw back to school and totally loved the singalong session :D
Last learning journey in RSS and I will miss it:(
Taken after LJ
Then I went cwp for LongJohns and meet with my mum at northpoint after that !
Had Bakerzin <3
As for ytd, there was a choir performance for CNY!
Spammed more photos:P
In dance studio
still looking sleepy
We sang totally random songs there and made it like a ktv :O

Act cute max :P

Back stage(:

This photo above is super precious cause Rona always dw take photo with me:(
Then it was taken while my leg was kicking the backstage toilet for the lightings:P

With HuiMin, SiQi , Mdm Julaiha and Ms Cai !

Love this the most man:P

Okay! Thats all for today and i'm going to my grandma's house. Hope i win loads of money in gambling later :DDD

Thanks for reading!

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