Friday, February 1, 2013


YAY it's a Friday!!!!
So yesterday... The sneaking in plan failed:(
We bought the tickets for ahboystomen2 and went in the hansel and Gretal show...

It was successful at first and jasmine and I were already in the cinema then the usher came in to check out IDs:(
Other people got caught too so it doesn't matter, but I seriously don't understand why they don't let us watch when we already watched 2 mins of the show, just let us watch finish leh:( it's only like 100 more mins :/
Then we went in the other theatre and was 20-25 mins late ._.
So we missed like so much of the show...
But I must say part two is so much better than part 1 (i didnt really liked it) cause the jokes were better ..

Some of the parts were not that funny and the people sitting behind just kept laughing like some mad dogs-.-

Then after I went home I decided to go for a jog cause the KFC I ate earlier on made me super guilty and partly also because my dresses arrived and they inspired me to exercise to cut down on the fats :D

No photos this time cause I'm lazy and blogging from my phone:p

After that I went to play tennis with my bro!^^

Learnt that I should spend more time with my family cause my bro and I had quite a nice talk ytd and I swear we didn't communicate that much since idk when..
Also I bought a peplum dress for my mum and somehow she was very happy so I feel that having a family is like super blessed<3 then my father got super jealous cause he don't have a dress:p

As for choir today, it was truly a laughing non stop session!
Learnt the new song and it was quite hard:(
But nevermind cause I think I became thinner from all the laughing :p

As for tomorrow ...
Drum roll please;p
There's gonna be steamboat reunion dinner at my Ahma house<33333


But there's work in the morning from 8-12. sigh hope I won't get too stressed and grow pimples :@

Thanks for reading^^
Some of the photos today:
(Ps I have a pimple that doesn't want to go away )

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