Saturday, February 16, 2013


Haha blogging at 2am cause I can't sleep:/
Went to scape ytd/just now!
Was quite happy as I got 6 items(photo below)
Acid washed shorts at $5 only omg cheap :p
Plus it's brand new too!
Visited zoe raymond's booth and
got a lace cropped top from her! Not in pic below cause I forgot:(

She is like super pretty irl omg and I felt stupid when I asked her for photo cause I was being totally random plus I looked like a potato.

Photo below too hehe.

Then when I reached home I started downloading games(sorry I was bored) and got super addicted to 4 pics 1 word
And candy crush, but I just deleted candy crush saga as I have no lives left in the game and when I press the Facebook button, it asked me whether I allow it to post on my behalf or not and I pressed yes without realizing that I sent a request to all my fb friends. I felt like a noobshit cause I hate it when people send me game requests and so, for dignity sake, I deleted it:p

Totally random but i saw this on the web: 传说初八是谷子的生日。这天天气晴朗
And I think it's fake cause its about to rain/already raining.
But nvrm, I love sleeping in cold weathers.

Anyway, how's everybody's Chinese New Year going?
Will blog about my Malaysia visiting for new year soon(most probably after common test)



Second: photo with zoe
Third: ootd

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