Friday, February 8, 2013

Reunion dinner

Had my reunion dinner last sat <3
Totally chiong-ed after work as my working timings was extended due to the crowd.
But it was worth it cause the food was so nice :D

My ootd (: 
Wore a lace top with chiffon skirt and transparent boots(:
Got the socks from daiso last time and didn't have a chance to wear it as it looked retarded with sport shoes/sandals.
So i wore it to sleep and finally got a chance to use it:D
Didn't take much photos on that day though.
One of my cousins(:
The food were raw so they appeared quite disgusting in photos so im not going to post them.
But here's a pic of the soupbase(:
My uncle was very nice to me and let me finished the abalones,  idk why nobody liked it anyway :P
then we waited and had yusheng after that.
added pamelo to it and its like one of the first year that I actually liked the taste of it..
Must be cause I grow up alr:P

Then on sunday, I accompanied my mum to buy her new year clothes.
I was super bored so i took a photo of myself in the fitting room while she was trying out her clothes.

I can take photos everywhere so here i am in the food court.
okay, last photo here: (found this in my phone)

studying :D

short blog post for now! will blog tmr about the bird park learning journey and cny celebration.(:

Thanks for reading!

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