Thursday, October 18, 2012

school + Texas chicken

Today received the rest of the results , super super sad for humans that I almost cried ;(
Studied the whole night for SS and I got 27/50 only , then geog get 22/50 only , so total 49 -.-
Then I told mr zakir that I need one more mark to pass then he say he go back help me check whether I can add more marks . Omg so kinddddddd 💛💙💜💚❤

Then after that got back chem ~ then had lessons till 3.30 :(
After that went to eat Texas chicken with Zihuan , Yiling and Yijie ~
Then went home ^^
Good news is that my parents recently took part in one BTO flat balloting and we got quite front ^^ so MAYBE can get new house in a few years time Kekeke ~

Took photos with Yiling and Zihuan super randomly ;p but didn't take until any with Yijie cause she left early ~

Bye !

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