Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bugis/orchard + OGL interview

Heehee went to bugis ytd with Wenyi ^^
Bought three shirts only :(
But only 1 fit me so I'm selling the others away

One for $12 , 2 for $20 !

Then after that we go bugis+ , liked one heels from new look but nvr buy ;(
After that we wanted to go to Far East plaza , so we took the train but alighted at somerset :/
So walked super long to orchard then to Far East . After that we ate Mac and went home ^^ really love going out with her <333

Today got back 5 results , didn't fail but still super disappointing .
Didn't get any A , all Bs , but I deserve it :(
Serve me right lol.

Then later on had OGL interview , then ppl from my class go for Idk what excursion so I'm sad :( then jywa pei me ^^ we walked around for quite some time then went for the interview , wonder if I'll pass or not . Heehee nvr attended any sec 1s orientation before cause I'm a transfer student so I hope I go in ~. But I think the chances not high :/ anyw took photos with jywa
sorry super sweaty cause I just had PE .
Oh and I did my 50 push-up punishments alr ^^
yay burden free alr !!
Was so worried that I cannot make it to 50 then diulian omg.
Anyway the photos not in sequence cause idk how to upload properly with my phone , and cannot put captions . So.. Sorry heheee~

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