Monday, October 15, 2012

Back to PhS

Heehee otw to bugis now so shall make a short update ~
went back to Phs ytd with Julia !
At first it was quite awkward cause we were not wearing school uniform and everybody else was wearing sch uni.
Then we stayed outside the school for a while to wait and see whether anyone we knew came out of the school , we waited quite long but no sec 3s came out , so ite we went in . The security guard told us that we cannot go far but we got tired of the canteen and went to the classroom blocks :p
Saw Amanda and jiaming there !! So long alr omg . Everybody looked so different and grown up 😋
Then after that went back to canteen, saw Priscilla , Melissa , Wenqi etc~ miss everybody in 1h sia.
But then like everybody in the school giving us weird stares so we left after a while. then me and Julia went to orchard but I didn't bought anything there :/
After that i went back to woodlands to meet Angeline and we watched Taken 2 .
The show was so nice and I was super grateful that I downloaded Taken in the morning and watched it ^^
Then we walked walked a while and I went to north point ~
Okay sad to say i didn't take any photos ytd :(
So now I'm on the way to bugis to meet Wenyi ^^ hope to buy some clothes , shoes and bag there later on ^^

Heehee fat faced photo😛

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