Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Monday KTV + choir

Hehe shall update about this week !
Monday after school went to meet blogshop customer , and went to lunch with Yijie, Yiling ,Zihuan and Winnie !
After that me zihuan and Yiling went to Marsiling Ktv ^^
So long no go le omg !
Like 8 months !
Then we sang for two hours (:
Thmm fun and I super zao sia hehe
Wann to go again sia !!
Can release out all the stress LOLOL
Then today had choir !
Before choir had KFC with Rachel , Zihuan and Yiling ! Thmm full and im sure I gained 100000kg of fats .
Will try to control and resist from eating KFC for this few weeks alr !
Then during choir , Rona and Eliza never come , so I had to play the warm up piece on the piano , a lot of mistakes cause i never really learn it before but is tikam de ;( diulian when I didn't know how to continue halfway :/
Then had audition/re-voicing .
Got 5 out of 10 only cause I wasn't serious and kept laughing :( zzzzzz slap myself two times pls
I really wann go syf next year sia ! Didn't go last year even though I had the chance to and I'm regretting it a lot now for my stupid decision last year !
Oh then slacked all the way during choir and played o2jam and watched Pokémon . LOL childish but thmm nice I cannot resist ! Then after choir went home heh ~
Bye !

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