Friday, October 19, 2012


Heehee went out with yongting ,Jiajun , taffy , Pamela and Yixin today ~
Didn't know Pamela and Yixin well so it was quite awkward at first . Plus I was late cause I had to remove my nail polish so it was more awkward than ever !
Took a long time to walk to k box at amk cause we got lost !
but after that we never sing ;(
Then I kept giving wrong directions today omg so paiseh !
Then we went to eat prata at ah mei cafe . Ate one only cause pratas are super fattening !
Then after that we took a few photos. Then I headed home while they continue to Far East cause I didn't feel like going as I went there twice alr this week .
Will upload the photos when I use my comp !
Then there is this super big pimple on my face :(
Hope it goes away soon !!
Bye ~

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