Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sen'se De Belle

Are you all preparing for CNY? Because I sure am!!
With less than a month to the festive where we get angbaos (Plus all sorts of questions from our relatives), we definitely want to make sure that we are looking our best during CNY.

Other than focusing just on dressing, we must ensure that our skin is at its best too! 
Thankfully, I have Sen'se De Belle to take care of my skin!

Located conveniently in Far East Plaza, finding this shop was an ease for me. 
Beautifully furnished with elegant finishes, I knew I was in for an indulging treat when I entered Sen'se De Belle. 

I really loved how pretty and comfortable the shop is!

Consultation room
Feel like a princess when you're in their consultation room!
Sen'se De Belle does not believe in hard selling and will only provide treatment that is needed by your skin. 

Here's one of their treatment room! 

After consultation, I was recommended to do their "Aqua Peel Mini" facial treatment! 

I took a few before and after photos for comparison too.

As seen from the photo, my trouble areas was that my T-zone had some blackheads and the pores were slightly open. 
Furthermore, my skin tone was not very even and that my skin was a tat dry. 

For the Aqua Peel treatment, the main actives of the treatment are AHAs and BHAs.

AHAs and BHAs are different groups of natural acids and one of the most popular acids for cosmetic industry would be Lactic Acid. 
Lactic acid is a chemical found naturally in our skin and plays an important role in maintaining our skin's natural pH and also supplies moisture to our skin.

The moisturizing effect of this facial treatment is easily achieved in these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: AHA: Helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and supply moisture to the skin.

Step 2: BHA: Keeps pores clean with acne sterilisation, soften skin texture and is effective in scar treatment.

Step 3: Toning/Vitamins: Deep product penetration into the skin, anti-inflammatory to soothe skin and skin regeneration. It is effective in skin tightening.

Throughout this treatment, I felt really relaxed and even fell asleep when I did the facial mask.

Despite being in the beauty industry providing aesthetic services, Sen'se De Belle is also able to deliver medical results. I find this to be a plus point because we get to relax and enjoy while the results are really obvious!

Prior to the facial treatment, I told them that I did not want any extractions because I don't really trust anyone other than myself with squeezing my face. 
However, throughout the treatment, I could tell that my face was in good hands and hence, when they asked if they could do extractions, I said yes!

After the facial treatment

Right Profile Before and After
The main differences I noticed in my skin would definitely be the softness! My skin felt like baby skin and I kept asking my friends to touch my face LOL. Also, the pores were very much cleansed and my pores appeared smaller! My skin tone became more even and had more radiance in it.

Now, I can go out without any foundation on my skin!! 
Bare-skined and no filter

Now, for my readers, Sen'se De Belle has kindly offered a 10% discount for services when you quote my name!

Go get your baby skin now!! 


+65 6734 9199

14 Scotts Road, #02-02 Far East Plaza Singapore 228213

Thank you Sen'se De Belle for this pampering treat and thanks all for reading!!

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