Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bio Revive

Having a healthy scalp is very important because our hair reflects a lot about our self esteem and attitude. I believe, with gorgeous hair, anyone can conquer the world.

Well, we can do treatments to our hair ends and everything but if we do not take care of our scalp, no matter what treatments we do, the root of the problem will not be resolved.

There are 8 types of alopecia (hair loss) that exist and there are many different factors that contribute to unhealthy scalp and hence, resulting in alopecia. 

Some of the more common factors that contribute to alopecia are:

1. Reduction in metabolic functions of hair follicles and hair bulbs. If the flow of blood in the capillaries surrounding the hair follicles and dermal papilla is reduced, the supply of nutrients to the dermal papilla and hair matrix will not be sufficient, hence impairing cell metabolism and having an adverse effect on hair growth.

2. Poor Nutrition and stress.

3. Reduction in scalp physiological functions. Ecessive build-up of dandruff flakes will block the pores of the scalp through which hairs exit the epidermis. 

But fear not, I shall introduce you to Bio Revive today, which is a centre focusing on how you can tackle your hair loss issues! 

About two weeks ago, I headed down to Bio Revive for their signature Scalp Restoration & Hair Loss Treatment. I was elated for the treatment as about a month prior to the treatment, I just recovered from medication for my scalp as I was infected with hairlice after my overseas trip. 

Due to the strong medication used, my frequency of hair loss increased and hence, I was excited to find out what Bio Revive could do for me! 
Before photo of my scalp
Before photo of Scalp

As seen from the photos, my hair follicle were rather red and very clogged. Hence, the treatment was designed to clean up my scalp and also promote hair growth! 

Firstly, my consultant started off by treating my hair with high frequency. 

With high frequency waves applied to my scalp, bacteria or other foreign bodies on the scalp were killed, preventing any scalp infection.

There are also many benefits of the Hi-Frequency treatment, namely:

Improving blood circulation
Regeneratation of new cells
Treating dandruff and alopecia effectively

Preventing itchy scalp and scalp disorders
Stoping hair loss gradually
Promoting hair growth

Next, we proceeded to massaging the scalp with hair oil, which was to strengthen the hair roots to prevent collapsing and breakage of hair.

Next, a hair mask(Amla Paste) was applied to the scalp. This hair mask is now better absorbed due to the Hi-Frequency treatment!!

Amla Paste
Amla, a type of fruit, is known as one of the perfect ingredient for hair treatments. Its benefits are so well known that one is suggested to have a slice of Amla on a daily basis. Some of its benefits for the hair include giving the hair a natural shine, nourishing the hair and reducing hair fall!!
Enjoying my hair mask
After washing away the hair mask, its time to notice the difference in my hair!!


After photo of my scalp

^Note: Same camera settings were used for fair comparisons.

I was quite amazed by the changes because as seen from the photos, my hair follicles can be seen to be much healthier! The scalp area is less red and also cleaner!! 

Overall, I enjoyed the whole treatment process a lot because my consultant was really very friendly and I felt really relaxed throughout my whole treatment. (not saying this because its a sponsored post but because its really like that!)

If I can have gorgeous hair, you can acheive it too!

To add on, Bio Revive is conveniently located at Novena Square 2 and you can easily find Bio Revive within a 3 minutes walk from Novena MRT.

Bio Revive HairGro Singapore

No.10 Sinaran Drive,
Novena Square 2

+65 63976322

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