Monday, January 11, 2016

Half Price for Domino's Pizza!

If you’ve been following my blog, Domino’s would have been a familiar name to you all by now!

On Monday, The Influencer Network invited me and a few other fellow bloggers for a pizza party which definitely made my Monday blues much better!

The difference between this party and the previous few I attended would definitely be the location! We had the party over at TIN’s office this time round.

Being famous for its 30 minutes delivery guarantee, NETT pricing as well as FREE delivery, Domino’s is definitely one of the top few pizza parlors in Singapore.

With 21 outlets in Singapore, pizza ordering has never been more convenient!

Of course, if you’re lazy  to head down to one of their outlets, you can still order your pizza through the hotline or through their website (

One good news for my readers would be that Domino’s has kindly offered a 50% discount off large and X-large pizzas if you order through the website.

Simply quote “TIN05A” for 50% off your large pizza and “TIN05B” for 50% off your X-large pizza!!

That would be only $14.90 for a large pizza and $17.90 for a X-large pizza!!

Furthermore, these are NETT pricing so means no GST, no service/delivery charges!!

What are you waiting for now? Faster grab your half priced pizza at !!

(Psst.. Remember to quote TIN05A and TIN05B!)

^promotion is from 7 Jan to 7 Feb 2016!

Thanks for reading!!

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