Thursday, January 7, 2016

Expressions: Slim Juice; Wheat Bran & Cyro Thermo Gold Slimming Gel

Happy 2016 my dear readers!
New year, new resolutions right? I'm sure 'being skinnier' has always been on our new year resolutions, well, for mine at least.

All my friends have known me trying all sorts of methods to be skinnier but there always don't seem to have much difference in me. 

However, I've recently embarked on the ambassadorship of Expressions Wellness and tried out their 3 day slimming program! 

I was given a box of slim juice as well as a bottle of wheat bran dietary supplement to consume for 3 days.
Slim Juice and Wheat Bran Dietary Supplement
I tried this out during 23-25 December last year, I must say that I have chosen the wrong date to try out this product because its the festive whereby we are all going on feasts as well as being lazier than the usual days.
I ate more fast foods for the entire 3 days than I did for first half of December and I was so guilty.
So on 26th, when I went to take my weight, I was expecting weight gain.

So.. turns out my weight remained exactly the same with a few moderations in my body fat percentage level. I was pleasantly surprised that my weight managed to remain the same because I consider my body to have lower metabolic rate than before and any higher intake in calories will normally cause me weight gain.

Hmm, I guess I'll post some photos because photos will do the talking!
Day 1 Front View
Day 1 Side View
P.s. I consumed the products for 5 days instead of 3 days as I wanted to finish up my products!
Day 5 of Slim Juice and Wheat Bran supplement (Side View) [ 28 Dec ]
Even though my weight remained the same, I find my body to be slightly more contoured than before, I've even drawn on some lines for guideline!
Left: Day 1[23 Dec] // Right: Day 5 [28 Dec]
So, what are the benefits of Slim Juice?

Slim Juice helps individuals lose weight by:

Burning stubborn fat cells stored away in the body
→ Drain harmful toxins hindering the absorption of nutrients
→ Creates a smooth movement for the breakdown of food
→ Appeases appetite all day long
→ Reduces the tendency of snacking

As for What Bran & Psyllium dietary supplements, it speeds up the body's food processing time, providing important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It helps lower cholesterol level as well as cleanse intestinal tract. It is 100% natural herb that can also be eaten by vegetarians. Made in USA exclusively for Expressions.

If you're interested to get your own packet of slim juice and wheat bran & psyllium supplements, you can find them on

For the month of January, you can also embark on Expression's 3 days detox journey at

By joining this detox journey, you stand a chance to win a complimentary set of Detox Kit or SlimJuice, along with a $500 Gift Voucher (Expressions Slimming, IPL, and Facial Services) upon successful completion of the Detox Challenge.

After day 5 (28 Dec '15), I stopped my slim juices as well as wheatbran supplements and waited a few days before I tried a new product on 2 Jan 2015.

Expression's Cyro Thermo Gold Slimming Gel!

Gold, being a tissue detoxifier as well as a purifier, being incorporated into the gel's formulation, will definitely increase the gel's ability to cleanse, burn fats and boost our metabolism. 

The gel felt really comfortable to apply onto the skin as its viscosity was just right. Also, like other slimming creams, it provided a warm sensation to the area it was applied on. The warm sensation was comfortable unlike some slimming creams which are a little too intense in my opinion!

After applying this product for about a week on my stomach area, the difference that I noticed was that it became less bloated. Really looking forward to my body's transformation as I continue to use this product!

If you're interested to get your very own bottle of Cyro Thermo Gold Slimming Gel, do not hesitate to do so here! ( )

Lastly, Expressions has kindly offered a discount of 15% for my readers when you check out with "GIVEME15" at

So, what are you waiting for now? Its time for you to start working on your new year resolutions! 

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