Monday, July 13, 2015

100 Secret Gadget Doraemon Expo Fair

This post is probably way too overdued but I took many photos during my visit to City Square's 100 Secret Gadget Doraemon Expo fair and I feel like sharing them with you guys!

So on 4th January this year, Clarence, Jodan and I headed to City Square as it was the last day of the fair and I really wanted to see the doraemons!
Was a rather big fan of doraemon since young and I remember trying to catch the show every sat on 乐乐窝 and I will feel super sad if I woke up late and miss the show.

So there we were, at the expo fair.

The tickets were priced at RM25 for adults, and the main attraction of the fair was of course, Doraemons!

Each of the 100 doraemons inside the fair had a different gadget for us to pose with.

Idk about you but I'm glad to pose beside a doraemon because my face looks less round than it HAHAH.

step candid!
ok la actually I also

Tried to copy the doraemon's pose but kinda did it the opposite side...
I guess I thought that I could flip the photo when this photo was taken but kinda forgot that if I flipped it, the doraemon will flip with me too.... 

Well, Jodan and I succeeded in copying a doraemon's pose but idk which doraemon Clarence was copying... Or maybe he was just tryna promote his iPhone.
aw we all look cute HAHH
When Doraemon was created, it was actually yellow with ears. However, his ears were bitten off by a robot mouse. Hence, he developed a fear of mouse-musophobia  (Ikr there is a name for fear of mice)

After getting his ears bitten off, doraemon was so sad and tried to drink a cheer up potion!
However, he drank the 'sadness' potion by accident instead. This further deepened his depression and even caused him to cry so much that as he cried, his yellow paint fade off with him. Also, his voice deepened from all the crying!
Ft a cute girl trying to cheer doraemon up!
Trying to look sad :'(
Sad people don't look good so let's be happy and not waste our days being sad

Many people were queuing to take photo at this blue area which made me want to take photo here too. But the lighting was so disappointing:(

I mean, just look at my face.. It can't even be seen.

I think we got judged quite badly when we asked the staff to help us take this photo. But ohwell we had fun.

And I must mention, their staff are mostly quite unfriendly sigh!

Well, everyday is valentine's if you have cupid arrows...
wapiang this two natural poser
sorry I stiff poser but aww at this photo HAHHAHA
I wasn't ready guys..
YAY for 竹蜻蜓!
under my umbrella, ella, ella......(??)  LOL

Lets pray and wish for eternal peace, happiness, blissfulness, stomach fullness, liveliness and all the ness....................
We are such attentive students in class
except for.. 

Even though this trip was more than half a year ago, I must say that I can still remember the fun we had and I will definitely go again if there's another fair like this! 

Well, I thought this photo below was suitable for what I wanted to say:

Thanks for reading!! Here's Clarence sending everyone a flying kiss on my behalf HAHHA.

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