Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mitzo: After Spring Awakening

Found this post in my drafts list and I thought I should blog about it since its my first experience going to a supper club!

Here's my introduction to the event if you haven't read about it: http://christinenglt.blogspot.sg/2015/04/WSAwakening.html

We reached at about 10+ after another event earlier that evening!

There was quite a long queue at the entrance and the first thing that came to my mind was that I felt rather underdressed because everyone looked absolutely gorgeous and handsome that night!

After going in, there were free champagnes given and also waiters/waitresses going around giving out dimsum!

Was really looking forward to eating them because I love dimsum!!

Okay, this paus are the only dimsum photos I took because the lighting didn't do the food any justice and it was too troublesome to shine my phone's flashlight on the food all the time.

They have delicious praline too!

Mango Pomelo dessert
Other than good food, they also have latin dance performance, which was great to liven up the atmosphere.

Other than the dance performance, the rest of the night was rather boring and the crowd died down super quickly. The place was quite empty after 12am, which I don't think was the way it was supposed to be.

They have rather cute waiters who posed for us too :)

I think the idea of combining supper and club concept was rather novel and not readily accepted yet, because these two ideas are rather contradicting. Hence, I assume that was why the crowd died down super quickly.

With Ken and Jon!
Kaiting, Tricia, Sochii & Jon!
My brows looked super thick that day as it was only a day after I did my 6D eyebrow embroidery!
Candy & KaiTing!
I guess overall, I had a good catching up session with everyone and also filled my belly with good food!:)
Its the company that matters after all 

Thanks Kaiting for not drinking that day to send us home! :)

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