Friday, April 3, 2015

CNOS 4 Challenge 2

Time really flies and its time for Cineleisure Next Online Sensation 4 Challenge 2 already!!

I'm feeling most excited for this challenge because it helps out SPCA animals in the process!

I remember having a favourite dog called 'Boy' at SPCA before it was adopted away. Glad that it went to a good home and that SPCA gave it a second chance:)

SPCA is not a government funded animal shelter and depends mainly on donations for the welfare of the animals! So, each amount, no matter how small will help a lot:)

I remember doing a flag day for SPCA two years ago with Jasmine at AMK. When people heard that we were doing donations for SPCA, they donated more willingly(compared to other flag days I did) and my can was full after two hours.

And for CNOS 4 challenge, I'm glad to receive a few responses from my kind Facebook friends after I shared about this fund raising event:)

Really feeling so happy to see the love people have for shelter animals and looking forward to seeing you all later on!

For today, my partner, Jason and I will be setting up a game booth in c/o with Sticky Singapore.

We'll be having "Coin Toss" and sticky candies will be our prizes!

Each $3 will entitle you all to have 5 tokens. Good news is that the points can be accumulated for more than just one game. (Pst.. The grand prize is really worth it)

Our game board

Good news is, there will be free gifts for the first 100 customers regardless of how many points you get:) 

We will also be selling some merchandises like badges and stickers from SPCA. 

Location: Cathay Cineleisure Orchard B1 Booth
Date: 4 April 2015
Time: 3-5pm

Only cash is accepted and small notes are appreciated:)

Hope to see all of you there <33

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