Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blessed 18th

Never expected so many surprises for my birthday this year but I'm really thankful for those who made an effort for it to happen.

To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to it because everybody seemed to have forgotten about me and I wasn't asked out by most of my friends except for Wenyi <3

So on the 27th, I went out for dinner with my princesses!! I seriously thought they forgot about me.
The reason why I thought so was because at first I could not make it for the dinner due to some school event and the nobody responded in the group chat anymore sobs.
Until my school event got cancelled and I say I can go to dinner with them then the group chat revived LOL.

So at dinner, nothing was mentioned about birthday at all.. until after dinner, Angeline received a phone call and HAHAHAH the surprise was spilled and she didn't even realise. Still the same as last time, super innocent.

YAY love how everything is still the same! 

So, they told me to pretend to not know anything, while they proceeded with their plan whereby two went to buy me my birthday cake and the other two brought me to the bank as a form of distraction! 

4/6 Princesses <3 
hahaha my smile here damn wide but its genuine so bear with it heh

Really appreciated the dinner even though we don't meet as often as before now!
I'm really thankful for that evening because I know all of you all are really busy and had CCAs prior to the dinner, and having to go somewhere else afterwards!
Jasmine, Eva, Zihuan and Angeline
As for the next day, Krystal came over to my house after lunch to surprise me!

Pretty rainbow cake
Happy because that was the first rainbow cake of my life!!

Afterwards, we headed to causeway point to meet with Wenyi!

No idea how WenYi did it without us realising, but she actually managed to creep up behind us and surprise me with a huge ass balloon!! :*

So, we walked around CWP and sat under the escalator to have llaollao to kill time as I had to collect my birthday cake at 6pm!

After eating, Wenyi told me that she wanted to meet her friend! To be honest, I was a little annoyed cause the friend made us go up all the way to the sixth storey and I hate hate hate walking for no reason :p

And I was like, "walao your friend very qiguai" while we were taking the lift because who evers goes to the sixth storey LOL.

And when we exit the lift, she was like "But that friend is your friend too!"

And Kwan Wei came out with a pizza and 5 pretty balloons :*

11 years of friendship and counting with these girls! 

They say that friendships that are longer than 7 years will last a lifetime and I feel that its gonna be true! 

Even though we don't meet each other often, we always seem to have never ending topics to update each other when we meet <3 

We continued with our shopping to kill more time and all the time my hair started flying due to the balloon's static!

Since Latex balloons only last for about a day, we decided to play with the helium after taking some photos!

.  Krystal WenYi KwanWei .  

Since fun times pass quickly, it was soon 6pm and I could go to the cake shop to collect my fav birthday cake!

And by saying its my favourite, I'm not even kidding. I've been having the same cake for more than 3 years alr and still bugging my mum to let me buy the same one this year even though she didn't really liked the idea of it initially.

YAY banana chocolate :DDD
After the cake collection, I headed home with Wenyi and Kw! 

And guess what happened the first thing I entered the house?!!

My pretty plastic balloon (that prob have a shelf life of 2 months) was caught by the room's ceiling fan and BOOM!
I sure was miserable
Small celebration at my house again
Afterwards, my dad brought my family out for a dinner tgt as a small celebration!

Sadly, I forgot to take photos with them CRIES T.T

Then, I headed to Yishun to meet these lovely bunch of people who wanted to celebrate my special day with me <3
the guys
the girls
They were super enthu and sang 4 birthday songs for me! It was the first time I heard a birthday song in cantonese and a language that is not english or chinese :'))))))))
Blackforest cake :D
After the celebration, I met with Krystal and we headed to F club for my first legal party :p

Happy evening!

Then on the day where the course had dry run for induction day, Doreen and Mieko told me to go to school 30 minutes earlier!

I was told to meet at 11 square but HAHAA I saw both of them at the train station LOLOL.

And yeap, I had to pretend not to know about the surprise again!!

Delicious cake baked by Baker/Chef Doreen :D

And guess what flavour it was it!!!

Yeap, its my favourite banana chocolate!! YUMYUM!
I guess that's about all for my birthday celebrations this year!

But here's a picture of a cute cake Vivian got for me while I was working!
As lovely as it looked<3
Yudi also made me very touched because she came down to Cine to support me for CNOS4 Challenge 2 and passed me these pretty earring as my belated birthday present!!

No words can express how much gratitude to everyone who wished me and made the effort to make me happy on my 18th!

I thought that by blogging about this, I would remember you guys forever!
Thanks for not making me fear about birthdays because I haven't been enjoying birthdays since I was 15.

Love you guys,

Thanks for reading!! 

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