Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Does first impression count?

Another #throwback post

I was in the shower when I suddenly felt the strong urge to write this post. The saying about reflecting hard on life during showers are so true heh.

Also it was because I had to shampoo my hair four times only to remove about half of the black hair spray it had inside.

Yeap, I sprayed my hair black just for work.

On my first day of work, the manager screamed at me and said: "Eh girl, you are coming to work, not going clubbing. Unless you can prove to me that you are Caucasian, I want your hair to be black." 

I swear at that moment I wanted to pick up my bag and leave because I do not deserve such rude treatment.

But life is life and I had to suck it up because if I left, $30 would be deducted from my pay.

So I sprayed my hair black using some kind soul's spray.

At the second day of work, he approached me again and told me a long story about being professional. I thought he was kind and was quite appreciative of his advice.

However, after I ended work, he started being mean again and told me that he never want to see me again if I came without black hair next time. And said stuff like the company would not have any difference whether I came in future or not.

I agreed that it is true since I'm just a part timer.

However, his strong words did have some impact on me.

To recall back, I was never on my teacher's good books in secondary schools and I always seemed to be called on every morning during assembly about my hair/skirt etc.

I guess I can't blame others for thinking wrongly of me but sometimes it gets tiring.

Another incident that hit me hard was when one of my teachers told me that I never got an 'excellent' conduct grade during my school years was because of my grooming.

She even told me she tried to fight for an excellent grade for me but was shot down by other teachers because of my grooming.

I swear her words hurt.

Is first impression really that important? 

Sorry if this sounds just like a ranting post but I'm really very curious how this first impression thing works.

Infused some CNY photos into this post so it wouldn't be that wordy and boring.

On the 1st day of CNY, I was bugging my mum to go downstairs to take some outfit shots with me when I saw my aunt at the lift area. She heard that I wanted to take some outfit shots and she got quite enthu about it and wanted to come along.

Initially, I was quite doubtful of it but oh boy, she is damn professional!

She went back to her home(Opposite block) and brought her DSLR and kindly saved my reluctant mother from the job.

Photo of my cute cousin eating ice cream<3
In case you are wondering, the ice cream was a bribe from me to ask her to go to the nearby park to take some shots with me LOL.

She is a very good poser for photos and I felt kinda ashamed beside her because my poses are so stiff and awkward HAHAHA. 

Back to the first impression issue, I've always asked people about their first impression of me after knowing them for a while.

Most of the answers I got are:

"I thought you were hard to approach but I guess you are quite alright after talking to you"

"I thought you were quite bitchy sia but guess you're not that bad"

Sometimes hearing these made me feel better.

I'm still trying hard not to be too mindful of other's comments because its really exhausting to be so mindful of what others think.

"Those who mind won't matter and those who matter don't mind. You can be a juicy, ripe peach and there's still going to be someone who doesn't like peaches."

This has got to be my favourite quote and something I'm trying to learn.

So, what are your first impressions of me?

Thanks for reading and do leave a comment if possible<3


  1. I think you are very pretty lady. You pose well for the photos you shared. You seem down to earth and nice.

  2. Pretty girl and my first impression is that you're a shy and demure girl!! Hahaha. And also, you look very young!!! I feel so old in contrast hahaha