Thursday, March 26, 2015

CNOS 4 Challenge 1

Its been a week since I got shortlisted into Cineleisure Next Online Sensation season 4 and I must say I've met so many more new friends and added so much joy into my holidays!

When I first arrived at Shokudo on the 21st, I had no idea what to expect. Thankfully, everyone was there with an open mind and it wasn't awkward at all to take selfies with my table mates because photography seems to be everybody's favourite hobby!

Darryl, Jonathan and Jason
Shayne, Siangjoo and Jonathan

Our first challenge was announced during the briefing and I'm grouped with Xue Er, Cherylyn and Darryl!

The first challenge was to dress up according to different themes; namely #oldschoollikekaya #kaypohlikeanauntie #hotlikesambalbelacan and #manjalikeababy 

Our group then had our first meet up on tuesday night to racky Cineleisure as we wanted to film a short film for our characters! 

Group shot in The Editor's Market
Do you like my dress?

Thankfully we went to ask for locations to film the day before and we managed to get permission for our shooting in time! 

Many thanks to Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe and The Editor's Market for kindly letting us film inside :)

Pink Panther + Vivian
With the swag auntie
Many thanks to them for waiting for me to end :D

Presenting my outfit...
Can you guess which of the style is it? (#oldschoollikekaya #kaypohlikeanauntie #hotlikesambalbelacan and #manjalikeababy)

If you've guessed that its #Oldschoollikekaya then you are right!

After three hours of shooting, many hours of editing, heres our group video!

Really glad that we are able to come out with this video in time because we thought that we lost all our video data today morning and were all panicking like crazy.

Our final group shot:

Can't wait for the next challenge already!!
Its gonna get sensational!~~

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