Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Super super belated post! Vivian brought me to an event hosted by campaign a few Thursdays ago! 

Ootd credits vivian

with Rachel
with Vivian

With Carina
It was a food event on "whatIate"! 
Met quite a lot of people that day and it was a great evening!
Promoting red wine? 

The food offered were very good and I had a great time! 

This looks so pretty omg *.*

A photo of the event venue

The cupcakes looked super pretty and almost fake to eat. I tried a pink one and the cake was quite tasty! Didn't really eat the frosting though because it was rather oily and didn't have much flavour.
"I'm a little teapot short and stout"
With Vivian, Regina and Clara.
Do I look holy hoho
I've signed up for campaign after this too and I can't wait for more future events!

Selfie to end this short post! Sorry to be able to only do a short update cause it's still the exam period! 

Just finished this post while I'm on the train back home and I am so hungry for dinner!! 


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