Sunday, July 13, 2014

DPCS bonding day

Had my course bonding day last month. Wanted to post it earlier but I totally forgot about it.
Wasn't really looking forward to it because I'm anti social :')
But it went well during the amazing race and I definitely had fun! 
Tied two buns with Mieko cause I promised her to the previous day. Then everybody started calling us chunli but I swear I didn't know what was it. So I went home to google:
Ok la quite chio but a bit too muscular. At first i thought they were talking about the cartoon pukka but nope it's so different.
With jasmine

Tied that hairstyle for the whole afternoon and I think quite a lot of people judged but aiya whatever.

With Chinyee

My hair became very curly after I let down the buns hoho free hair perming.

With Natalie 

With Serena

With brindha 

With Doreen the super strong woman who piggyback-ed me around.
With suying

With Rachel

With Chernis (my gl that day)

Ok la normal shot

Didn't filter or edit any of the photos because I'm too lazy so please don't mind. 

Group 4a and b! And YAY 4a won the amazing race :D 

The BBQ was prob the best part cause the food was v nice! I think I ate like a pig heh. Diet day three definitely went back to day one the next day.

I think Mieko and I can be spotted quite easily LOL. 

Think my next two years half will be a fun one :))

There's just so much to do recently and I feel like shit almost everyday. Hope this week will be better:')

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