Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mitju customizable shoes

One thing all of us can't leave (the house) without is definitely our shoes! For me, I am super particular about shoes. Sadly to say, I only have 17 pairs:( I know it sounds like a lot, but i SWEAR it is not!! Shoes are all women's best friend and one can never have enough best friends!!
They hang with me for long period of times and I will never get sick of them. We go on adventures together everyday<333 

Everytime I ask people to take my OOTD, I will make sure that they include my shoes in the photo. It really just annoys me when people exclude my shoes from my photos. Here are some of the recent ootds with some of my favourite shoes!!

Shoes are really important and they play determine whether your outfit is nicely dressed or under dressed!! Really hate it when I see people wearing slippers with dresses/formal.

They also can serve as self defence! *inserts smirk face emoji*

This pair of shoe above has spikes sticking out from them. Maybe one day if I get robbed or chased after I can use it to kick people. But actually, that hasn't happened yet and I always step on the spikes by accident when removing this pair of shoes:') 
Shoes also provide us with comfort. It is probably the most nobel creation ever because it protects my foot from being dirty and all sorts of danger. However, some shoes just look nice and is not comfortable at all!! I remember wearing this pair of glittery heels to prom and I ended up having 13 blisters. It definitely has not left my shoe cabinet after then. 

I guess one reason my feet cannot wear some shoes is because of its weird shape. 

do you like my pedicure hoho
Hate how the sides look like some boobs sticking out. It makes buying of shoes so hard for me.

But I guess now these problem can be solved because 

MITJU is going to launch a new range of customisable shoes!!! 

In case you all haven't heard about MITJU, "Mitju is a company founded in 2005. It is a fashion savvy footwear company that focuses on style, comfort and affordability. What sets Mitju apart from run of the mill competition is that Mitju’s designs are fun and creative, catering to chic, trendsetting women with individual style and edge. "

It has a total of 7 outlets in Singapore. I've seen many good reviews about them being so comfortable. I would really want to try out their new range of customisable shoes! I believe they would change my life tremendously because the shoes can be made to solve my problem of having feet side boobs(sorry idk what they are called)
I realized that I love to match my outfits with shoes of the same color. One problem I have is when clothes which have more unique colors, I won't be able to find shoes to match it with. I'll either end up wearing the clothes with white or black shoes and that is so boring.
With the new customisable shoes, I can have more colourful shoes to buy!! Hate how some nice shoes only come in certain colours and some ugly shoes come in the colours I want. 
Koped this photo from MITJU's insta and they have such colourful and pretty shoes!! 

Can't wait for them to launch their customisable shoes where I believe I will be able to choose my favourite kind of shoes in my favourite colors! 
Stay tuned to MITJU's new range of customizable shoes which will be available in store from 25/07/2014. Check out for more updates and events. 

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