Monday, August 11, 2014

MITJU ticktack shoes

Headed to the Mitju ticktack shoes launch about two weeks ago! Was really excited because it was my first time attending a launch event. I rmb asking many people for opinions on what I should wear that day. I ended up wearing a black spag top and a foil skirt from Supre which I've bought about a year ago but didn't have the courage to wear.
With Dennis and Williams

At the event venue

RSVP area

Received a goodie bag and the items inside are:
1X essential hair mask
1X Shunji Matsuo 10% discount voucher
1X Liese Daily Enhance styling Milk
1X Laurier Napkin
1X Asience Shampoo
1X "Tick Tack" Customised candy
1X Biore Bright Face Milk

They served really good food!
The highlight of that night was "Tick Tack Shoe", which is basically Mitju's latest collection of Japanese inspired footwear. The idea of this shoe is that it has two 'buttons' for you to attach your favourite accessory to it and you are ready to go after hearing the "tick" and "tack" sound of the accessory going onto the shoe.

Their basic shoe came in 3 different materials- Patent, leatherette and synthetic suede and are priced at $26.90 each. As for their accessories, they range from $6.90 to $14.90. Hence, each pair is only about $30+, making the shoes really affordable.

I was really enthralled by all the different colors of the shoes and accessories. I took quite long to choose which shoe I wanted because I wanted almost everything. As for the shoe, I couldn't decide between leatherette and patent material. The leather ones looked so comfortable and the patent ones look so pretty.

Patent material!

And they had so many kinds of accessories!
all the pretty accessories and shoes

With Vivian and Angie! 
I ended up choosing a white pair of patent shoe! Here are some of the accessories I initially chose to match the shoe with.

Posted this on insta and the blue suede ribbon was the most popular pick!
(*ps I don't think I've won the contest but thank you to all those who commented, really appreciated! <3 )
It is quite obvious that if I wore my outfit and went out with a pair of white flats, I would look like I did not plan my outfit well. But in the photo above, because of the pink/purple ribbon accessory, the shoe appeared to match my outfit. Hence, you can just change your shoe accessory and it will end up matching your outfit well, making Tick Tack Shoes extremely versatile.

Then, it was time to place an order for the shoe we want!
Order form for the shoe

I changed my mind at the last minute and didn't get the accessories I've chosen previously!
Went home with this blue bow and black ribbon accessory!
Blue bow
Really like this blue bow accessory! It didn't really stand out as much as other accessory while it was on the shelf. However, when I went around the shop and holding my shoe next to every accessory for my last time that night, I decided on this accessory almost immediately after placing it on top of my shoe. So, I would suggest you to try matching your shoes with the accessory when you go shopping for them!
This accessory because black goes well with everything!

With Emcee of the night-Silver

With Williams

Just some selfies

After leaving the shop, we headed to take some ootns around Orchard!


Then we had supper at Paris Baguette Café.

Girls will never have enough selfies

really in love with Angie's camera!

I've worn my Mitju shoes out once since I've gotten it! The blue bow really stands out!<3

Credits: Vivian
Have your own pair of Mitju shoes now by heading down to any of their outlets! Alternatively, you can purchase them online from late August'14 at
Let me end of with more selfies cause I took some time to do my makeup that day!

Thanks for reading, Love you guys<3

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