Monday, July 28, 2014

Dominos Singapore

Received an email invitation to Domino's Behind the Scene Blogger Met last week and I decided to give it a go! It was my first time going for TheInfluencer's event/events like this and I was very excited! I read the email wrongly and thought that we had to reach at 5.30 so I reached super early! Ended up just sitting at a nearby coffee shop to drink tehbing and reflect on life lolol.

Anyway, this is going to be a post full of food so read only when you finished your meals(you will still be enticed so no point)

I headed into Domino's at about 6.15 and Williams helped me to take some shots!
Join Domino's!
With Williams

Food was served at about 7pm! I was famished and also super excited to see so many pizzas at one go! Domino's was super generous and served about 8 pizzas(I was too engrossed in taking photos to count teehee)
Featuring Joey's hand and the food

Can't help but feel so hungry while typing this post out. I wanna go to Domino's again soon!
Anyway, one of the friendly staff gave me a tip that day! If you are on a diet but your friends wanna have pizza, choose one with thin crust! It has lesser carbs and still taste as good as a New York crust!

And if you are heading to Domino's, their Napolitana meat balls are a must try!! They taste superb and the cheese and beefy meatballs complement each other so well.
After all the food, dessert was served!

Lava cake!
I wanted to take a photo to show the chocolate sauce flowing but I couldn't cause I no skills:(

Credits: Zelene!

"let me pose a bit before eating"

Apparently I was the hungriest so half of my cake was gone in the photo.

Mr Keith Brown(Operation manager) told us more about Domino's and their unique selling points! Domino's promises 30 minute delivery guarantee;15 minute takeout guarantee and of course, product satisfaction guarantee! They also provide free delivery so anytime you want a pizza, you can call and have a pizza delivered to you in less than 30 mins for free!! If you are bored while waiting, you can also use their tracking system to track where your pizza is and do your own countdown.

But what auntie Christine likes best is their Nett pricing!! Really hate it when shop says a price on their menu and it turns out to be so much more expensive during payment.

With all the bloggers!

Then, the fun part of the evening finally came!

Thankfully I just did my brows that day and look less like shit with my hair net:')

We were brought in to the kitchen to make our own pizzas! No photos allowed for this section even though I really wanna share my experience with all of you!
In the kitchen, I was first given a chance to knead my own dough, add the sauce and toppings and bake it!!

While I was in the kitchen, the store manager showed us how he made a pizza and it was less than a minute before he transformed one lump of dough into a pizza for baking. No wonder Domino's is so confident about their time guarantee!

My very first pizza!
My chicken ham,mushroom and pineapple filled pizza was finished in less than 10 mins at home:D

If you are currently looking for a job, be it part time or full time, why not join Domino's?
They are currently offering positions like "Delivery experts", "Pizza Chefs" and "Management". 

Domino's is a great job to join as they are currently offering an attractive incentive program known as the 'Rolex Challenge'! The rewards include a stainless steel Rolex watch or USD2000 dollars for store managers who are able to achieve the targeted sales!

I heard that they have given out 4 watches last year!

Also, they promise many employee benefits!
The benefits include the 13th month salary with performance bonus, medical benefits and employee insurance. I guess for part timers, what is more attractive would be their flexibility in arranging working hours, attendance and punctuality incentives and their referral incentives! So, if you are looking for a part time job for the upcoming holiday, you really should give Domino's a try! 

Group shot after everyone finished baking!

Then it was time to release the results of the Instagram contest! The person with the most likes will get to win a set of bola bears! (Limited edition with two already sold out)
I was super lucky that day so...
Prize giving!

Time flies when we have fun so it was time to go home already!

  with Joey and serene.

Hope you haven't drool all over your device!

6222-6333/ to order your pizza!
you can thank me later.

(Domino's SG) on app store and like them on facebook here!

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