Sunday, September 29, 2013


Sorry for the shitty title but I really have no idea what to name this post. It's more of a food +rant post!
Went to Vienna buffet again last sun with family cause Monday was my parent's 20th marriage(?) anniversary. I was super impressed cause I don't understand why people can be tgt for so long. :X 
Think no one in the future will ever be able to stand me for 20 years...
I was in quite a foul mood that day and didn't eat as much as I would have usually(for buffets). Plus the waitress ruined my day cause she threatened to cancel our reservations cause we said we will be late when she call us 15 mins before our reserved timing. Super bad service :@

the sashimi was cut too thickly and tasted like rubber. I spat it put after eating one:(

Sorry that's not soup but my coffee. The salad was nice though!
All time favorite foods-desserts!!
This was probably the best thing I ate that day. The aloe Vera was so nice and the lemon juice was just right!!
They were serving bubblegum flavoured ice cream that day and I scooped this myself! Nice?:DDD it was quite tasteless despite the colours. But the jellies inside was quite a pleasant surprise :D
My outfit that day was a dress from The Underground. Loved this dress so much and I think I've worn it for more than five times alr! :D

As for Friday, prelims were over and it was the day my phone contract ended! I wanted to get a new one initially but the colour I wanted didn't have stock so I decided to wait and not take other phones. My mum took me to swensons after that:D
I had the rock! The caramel was so good :D
After that, we headed home! But while we were walking to the bus interchange, I decided to pop into the salon at the mrt station to trim my eyebrows cause it was only $3.90. But then I regretted a lot! Here's the story: A woman trimmed my eyebrow and when she held the mirror for me to see, it was too close to my face plus I wasn't paying attention so I didn't realize they were uneven. But when my mum and I stepped out of the shop, she noticed it immediately and we went back in. Then I had short term memory and I couldn't remember which woman trimmed my eyebrows so we randomly talked to one auntie and ask her to trim my brows again. Then the woman who trimmed my brows( let's name her 'A') saw and thought we were gossiping about her and shouted at us to go to her. So we go lo.. Then she started explaining that it wasn't uneven and all and denied that it was her fault. Her attitude was really like shit and my mum, surprisingly found it funny and started to um choi(smile secretly). 'A' thought my mum wasn't listening to her 'explanations' and scolded her... Then, she held her scissors (she was helping others to cut hair) near to my eyes and pointed at my brows and talked like some szb. Then I walked a few steps back cause I obviously don't wanna go blind and almost tripped (lucky I never). After that, she started cutting my brows with her scissors instead of the brow razor wtf. 
Then we decided not to argue and immediately left as I still wanna save my brows. However, I swear never to go in that shop for this stupid cheap deal again. Even though it's only $3.90, she should at least provide good service and not point her scissors at my eyes. Second thing was that I noticed that the brow razors was reused and she never washed it before or after trimming my brows. :( urgh all the germs I had on my brows:(

So moral of the story is that I will never enter the shop again :@ worst service I've ever paid for!

Ok, shall sleep soon and thanks for reading this short update <3 

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