Friday, September 13, 2013

Tampines run

Attended the tampines run on sunday as I registered for this a month ago..
Was rather regretful this time as I registered on impulse and had to train for it. On the other hand, I'm still rather happy about it as I can be fitter!

before the run
At the starting point
During the run, the floor had a lot of muddy puddles as it was raining before the run.  I had a really hard time avoiding them. But after getting splashed by a few, I didn't really care how dirty it was. Since I had to wash my shoe already, I decided to enjoy myself and had fun stepping into the puddles. That was definitely not something I will do everyday :P
But at one point, I was running and couldn't stop in time and there were two people in front of me.. so I accidentally stepped a littleeeeee too hard and the girl got her shoe soaked.. oops :b 

The run however, did not have as well a spirit as the previous run i took part in. People did not cheer for us to go on whenever we stopped unlike the previous time. I guess it is because this is a competition and there was cash prizes but the previous one was more of charity.

Our finisher's medal
with my uncle and aunts! 
My timing for this run improved but I still did not reach my target:( I aimed for 1 hour and below but I got 1 hour and 1 minute, which was 15 minutes faster than the previous one, but still, it sucks not to be able to reach my target.

I think everybody should participate at least once in their lives a run like this! No harm trying right? :D


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